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Do you need my boat to make the cover?

Yes. All of our covers are custom made to fit YOUR exact boat, and no two are quite alike.

What is your warranty?

All of our covers come with a free 5 warranty that they will not fade, crack or peel.

Are your covers highway safe?

Yes! Some customers have even reported fuel savings with our covers on the highway.

Do your covers come with support poles?

Yes. Depending on the size of the boat your cover will come with either 2 or 3 poles that we will show you how to use. It is crucial that you use these poles at ALL TIMES while the cover is on.

How should I clean my cover?

Cleaning our covers is quick and easy. Simply use a mild dish soap and scrubber brush to remove any dirt or debris.t is recommended to clean both sides at least twice a year.

How long will you need to keep my boat?

We have a Monday through Friday turn around time. We can service same day or overnight needs with service with prior notice.